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Kiss 'n' Ride 2019-2020

Friday, September 20, 2019
Friday, September 20, 2019
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

We are walking school. Our property has not been designed to manage large numbers of students being driven to school.  We always encourage our community to engage in walking, biking, scootering to school as their first choice in getting to school.  We also observe the great benefits to our students of getting fresh air and exercise prior to coming to school daily.  Should you need to use the Kiss'n Ride, here are our safety guidelines:

  1. Enter the school property via driveway #3  which is the furthest away from the Park
  2. Pull up to the sidewalk area in the Kiss'n' Ride zone as directed by the vested staff
  3. Do not leave your car in this area as it is an active FIRE ZONE and ask your children to exit from the passenger side
  4. Should your child need assistance to walk to the playground, a vested Kiss'n Ride student helper and/or a staff member would be pleased to support him/her

 If you would like to escort/wait with your child near the playground gates rather than drop them off quickly in Kiss'n' Ride, the following parking options are available;

  1. On the street directly in front of the Park
  2. On Winchester Terrace or
  3. In our school parking lot

 Our front driveway will is reserved for buses and special needs student drop off only.  Thank-you for your support to keep our kiss 'n' ride running safely and efficiently. 

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